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Oil Sorbent fibers and chemical sorbent for pollutant and oil clean up
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Environment division


Oil skimmers

Skimmer/pump system
Disk Skimmer
Rope Oil Mop System


Skimmer/pump system

oil spill skimmerThe Skimmer/Pumps will pump all types of oil with high recovery efficiency, regardless of viscosity.

Converts from skimmer to transfer pump in minutes.

Excellent debris handling capacity. Rotating exchangable knives in both suction and discharge ends.

Light/Medium Oil Adapter, gives highly increased efficiency especially when skimming light or medium viscosity oil.

Compatible with all types of oil boom.

Reliable three pontoon floating system provides excellent seaworthiness even in rough weather conditions. Customised floating systems available upon request.

Large unobstructed suction opening, allows easy entrance of heavy oil.

Electroless nickel lined split-pump casing allows easy access for inspection and servicing of rotating parts.

Archimedian screw, cast from high grade stainless steel, is supported by heavy duty ball bearings at both ends.

Three models available with capacity of 25 m3/h, 45 m3/h, 100 m3/h.



Disk Skimmer

oil spillageDisk Skimmers rely on the adhesion of oil to the surface of aluminum disk.

As the disk is rotated thru the oil/water interface, the oil adheres to the surface and is then removed with a scraper.
- Efficiency of about 97% in volume

The Disk Skimmer is a self-floating unit and can be positioned inside the oil boom area where the oil thickness is major.

The Disk Skimmer can be powered by diesel, hydraulic or air power unit
- Recovery capacity up to 40 m3/h.


Rope Oil Mop System

oil spillRope Oil Mops employ a long, continuous loop of absorbent oleofinic material that floats on the surface of the water and is then led through a combination scraper-wringer that removes oil along with some water.

The Rope Mop is guided over the oiled water by means of pulleys that have been secured to convenient locations.

Recovery capacity from 0,5 m3/h to 3 m3/h.





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