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Environment division


Oil pollution spill kits

360 litre overpack drum

oil clean up kit

oil spill kit

Tough secure and highly visible, this top quality screw topped overpack drum meets UN and DOT specifications for large spill response.

Oil spill emergency kit

Oil spill emergency kit contents:

  • 1 bale SPC 200 - Sorbent pads 41cm x 51cm
  • 5 sorbent pillow - SPC 10 - 36cm x 63cm x 12cm
  • 2 sorbent booms - SPC 810 - Diam. 20cm x 3m Length
  • 2 nitrile gloves
  • 10 disposal bags

Absorption capacity: 300 litres

The emergency oil spill kits are positioned in industrial areas, ports, airports, motorway and all places where accidental spill can take place.

Oil spill emergency kits of different arrangement and capacities are available on request.
Please contact our technical department: tech@adriatech.com



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