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Hole openers
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Reverse circulation roller bits
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Underreamer "ADT" model
Flight augers and accessories
Rotary subs
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Fishing tools
"Premium" casing pipes
Coring tools ( core barrels , core bits )
Plastic core boxes
Drilling mud control system
Demountable storage tanks
Foam pump
Piling equipment

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Environment division

Custom built


Demountable storage tanks

Picture shows a 4 m3 tank

Rugged and reliable, these storage tanks can be easily assembled and disassembled directly on your rig site in a matter of minutes.

Square-based, they are installed on rigs for storage of water, chemicals, bentonite and polymeric mud.

A sturdy metal frame, made up of galvanized tubes and corner couplings, wrapped by an extrastrong, heat-sealed fabric in PVC, complete with discharge plug.

The ideal solution where a permanent storage tank may be a problem.







2 m3

cm 130 x 130 x 113 h

27 kg


4 m3

cm 188 x 188 x 113 h

45 kg

ADS 10

10 m3

cm 296 x 296 x 113 h

68 kg

ADS 15

15 m3

cm 370 x 370 x 113 h

81 kg

ADS 20

20 m3

cm 426 x 426 x 113 h

92 kg



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