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Reverse circulation drilling equipment




  Reverse circulation string stabilizer with rotating arms  hole from 1000 mm to 1700 mm
  Reverse circulation drill collars double walls with 2 air lift lines.Lead or cement filled
  Reverse circulation bits with interchangable roller bits .diameters from 1000 to 1700 . flanged




SIZES: From 400 to 2000 mm.
Manufactured with tooth type rollers or insert type, with threaded or flanged connections.

48" reverse circulation roller bits.

20" mill tooth pilot with full flow opening.

36" reverse circulation hole opener with 17-1/2" pilot bit.

Drag bit with cutters.
Diam. 800 mm - flanged

28" Reverse Circulation Rock Bit


For more information please contact our technical department: tech@adriatech.com



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