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Foam pump

Designed to inject water-foam mixtures when drilling with a down-the-hole percussion hammer.
Pump assembly includes the following

  • triplex plunger pump (max capacity: 42 Lt/min. - max pressure: 70 BAR)
  • hydraulic motor-variable capacity-fed by rig circuit
  • pulleys and beltings
  • fittings - capacity regulator - by pass valve

The Foam pump is supplied fully equipped on skid





The use of water-foam mixtures offers the following advantages:

  • Dust removal
  • Improved cleaning of the hole
  • Increased carrying capacity of cuttings
  • Major quenching of hammer and bit
  • Possibility of drilling in fractured zones where loss of circulation occurs.


For cleaning it is possible to connect pressure washer to pump like upper figure


Instruction and assembly manual supplied with foam pump.



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