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Drilling tools

Custom built

Premium drill pipes
Drill collars
Hole openers
Hole stabilizers
Reverse circulation roller bits
Horizontal directional drilling hole openers
Underreamer "ADT" model
Flight augers and accessories
Rotary subs
Hoisting plug
Float valves
Fishing tools
"Premium" casing pipes
Coring tools ( core barrels , core bits )
Plastic core boxes
Drilling mud control system
Demountable storage tanks
Foam pump
Piling equipment

Supply company

Environment division

Custom built


Fishing tools

Rotary taper tap
Rotary die collar
Releasing & circulating overshot
Fishing magnets
Milling tools - Milling shoes
Casing Spear
Casing Cutter

  And also...
Releasing and Circulating Overshots
Releasing Spears
Junk Baskets
Casing Scrapers
Casing Rollers
External Cutters
Internal Cutters
Drilling & Fishing Jars
Bumper Subs

Broshure Fishing Tools


Rotary taper tap

It's the simplest fishing tool available for engaging a fish internally to catch drill pipes or drill collars.

It is necessary only to run the taper tap in the hole to the top of the fish, apply less than one point of weight and rotate sufficiently to embed the tapered threads of the tap into the fish, stop rotation and pull the fish.

How to order-Specify:
1) Hole size; 2) Size I.D. of the fish to be caught; 3) Top connection



Rotary die collar

This is the simplest fishing tool for engaging a fish externally.

You must ony run the die collar in the hole to the top of the fish, apply less than one point of weight and rotate sufficiently to embed the tapered threads of the die collar into the fish, cease rotation and pull the fish.

How to order-Specify:
1) Hole size; 2) Size O.D. of the fish to be caught; 3) Top connection



Releasing & circulating overshot

It's the strongest tool available to externally engage, pack off and pull fish. During the engaging operation, the overshot is rotated to the right and upward pull is exerted. If the fish doesn't come, circulating pumps may be started and drilling fluid forced through the fish.

How to order-Specify:
1) Hole size; 2) Size O.D. of the fish to be caught; 3) Top connection






Fishing magnets

They are used to retrieve all types of objects having magnetic attraction, such as bit cones, bearings, slips, etc., and may be run on wire lines or on pipe.
A wide range of O.D. sizes available from 2 7/8" to 20".
Capacities up to 2000 kg.

To order-Specify:
1) Hole size
2) Top connection

Recommended accessories:

  • wire line adapter
  • lipped guide
  • mill guide


Fishing magnet 10" max pull capacity 800kg


Milling tools - Milling shoes

Junk Mills - Taper Mills - Pilot Mills - Window Mills - String Mills

These tools dressed with hardcoloy, are used to mill objects lost inside the hole not retreviable with conventional methods. The milling tools may be redressed with Hardcoloy once they are worne out.

How to order-Specify:
1) Intended service; 2) Hole size; 3) Top connection


Casing Spear

TKM-CASING SPEAR for Casing Pipes from 6 5/8" to 16"

TKM Casing Spear Operating Instruction
The TKM Casing Spear attaches to the drill string or pipe joint.It has a releaseposition lock(hook and latch assembly) which can be hooked before going down hole.
This will allow you to run your drill string to the area where you wish to engage the pipe or screen.
Once you are at correct depth turn 80 to 100 psi of air on and then off.
This will set the spear so you can pull the casing or screen.
If for some reason you cannot pull the assembly then turn air after taking the weight off the string.
This will disengage the spear from the casing and then you can trip out of the hole by reapplying air after breaking each point.
Note:if you are under water we reccomend that you run the drill string wet.
Be sure to dry the tool including the inside of the cylinder if you run the tool wet.
If you are lowering the casing from the surface down the hole place the Spear into casing and turn air on and then off to activate the Spear and then lower the casing down the hole.
Follow above instructions to release the Spear from the casing,liner or screen and return to the surface.

DTH Casing Spear Conversion Instructions
When converting the TKM Casing Spear from 6 5/8" to 10 3/4" first remove the spear point at the bottom of the tool by unscrewing it from the 1/4" shafts; then remove three slips from the tool by removing the linkage bolts attached to each slip;now unscrew the wedge from the 1/4" shaft (measure the location of the wedge from the bottom of the shaft in order to locate the 10 3/4" wedge in the same position) and also remove the other end of the linkage from the tool by removing the 3/8" bolts and nuts attaching them to the Casing Spear adapter plate positioned below the tool joint pin and small side bail.
Screw the 10 3/4" wedge onto the Casing Spear Shaft (locating it at the distance measured from the bottom of the shafts); slide the 3 slips onto the wedge and also the forth slip supplied in the conversion kit; attach the three linkager bars plus the fourth one supplied in the conversion kit to the slips; fasten the larger adapter plate to the Spear Cap and attach the four linkage arms are in line,parallel with the threaded shaft.
We recommend that you attach the spear to the drill string and activate it several times while observing the slips collapsing and expanding as air turned on and off.
After using the spear in a wet environment dry the spear thoroughly by applyng continuous air for a minute or two or by completely disassembling the tool and drying the individual parts and oiling them with light 20 weight oil before reassembling.
You shouldn't need to go through this drying procedure if the spear is run in a dry environment.


AD-Casing Cutter

The AD-CASING CUTTER is an hydraulic cutting tool for single casing operations at precise depth.
The tool features 3 steel knives with TC HardColoy, positioned at 120°, that during the string lowering into the well are contained inside the recess in the cutter body. As soon as the depth is reached, the knives are pushed in cutting position by a pivoting mechanism that is activated by mud pressure that act on a rugged piston positioned in the body centre.
The rotary is turned at a suggested cutting speed. Rotation is continued and circulation is started through the tool.
Circulation is increased to a rate that will produce an appropriate pressure drop across the nozzle , positioned in the piston.
Rotation is continued until a decrease in the torque and a pressure drop indicate that the cut has been made. It is recommended that Stabilizers and Centralizers be mounted in strategic position in the cutting string..

Standard Dimensions


Diam. Body

Diam. Casing

Tool Lenght


AD-Casing Cutter 375

3 3/4"

da 4 1/2" a 8 1/2"


2 3/8" A.R.

AD-Casing Cutter 575

5 3/4"

da 7 1/2" a 13 1/2"

54 1/2"

4 1/2" A.R.

AD-Casing Cutter 775

7 3/4"

da 14" a 36"


6 1/2" o 6 5/8" A.R.




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