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Drilling mud control system

Removal of solids from drilling mud is carried out by using the equipment decribed herebelow:

Solid Removal

The employment of the equipment , Shaker - Desander and Desilter, gives the following advantages:

  • Total recovery of drilling muds
  • Improved rheology of the well
  • Accurate hole cleaning
  • Increase of drilling rates
  • Longer life to your rock bit
  • Reduced consumption of pump expendable parts

Desander - Desilter
Mud hopper - Mud mixer


Junior Standard Shaker

The Junior Standard Shaker is perfect for any small drilling operation. Constructed on a skid , each unit is equipped with explosion proof 3 HP motor (50 or 60 Hz - 3 phase) , powering the higher performance vibrating assembly.Screens size 3Ftx3Ft
-Screens avaiable from 10 to 60 Mesh.
-Max Rate of 1000-1200 Lit/min with Screen 10-20 Mesh.

-Dimensions: cm 127 x 110 x 90h - Weight: 420 Kg.








shale shaker Standard Shaker

Similar to Junior Shale Shaker but of bigger dimensions. Screens size 4ft x 5ft type HookStrip - Total area 20 sqft ,orbital vibrating system powered by a 5 HP Explosion-Proof Motor ( 3phase - 50hz/60Hz ) complete of starter .
-Screens avaible from 20 to 80 Mesh.
-Maximum rate of 2800 lit/min with screens 10 Mesh , 1200 lit/min with screens 30/40 Mesh.

-Dimensions: cm 208 x 150 x 90h - Weight: 840 Kg.









shale shaker tandem Tandem Shaker
The Tandem shaker is driller proven to yield optimum results when fine mesh screens are required with a dense solids concentration and high mud volume.A common sense approach to "screening",includes a unique "Flowback" pan to transfer mud from beneath the primary screen to the head of the secondary screen giving maximum screening surface of the finer mesh screen for final separation.
This, is conjuction with an orbital oscillating vibrator positioned at the center of gravity of the horizontal mounted screen frame,produces the optimum in screening results.
-Double bridge with 2 screens 4ft x 5ft
-Primary screen 10-20 Mesh , Secondary 60/80/100 Mesh
-Orbital vibrating system powered by a 5 HP Explosion-Proof Motor (3phase-50hz-230/460Volt)

-Dimensions: cm 210 x 150 x 110h - Weight: 1270 Kg.









shale shaker fs300 FS-300 ThunderBird - Linear Motion Shale Shaker

The FS300 is a high-G force linear motion machine designed for maximum flow of drill fluids.
FS300 utilizes the wedge system for quick screen changing.

- Power packed with 7.7G Forces

- Improved Wedge Lock Design

- Extra Heavy Duty Frame & Pan

- Martin or Vimarc vibrator Motors

- Heavy Duty Rubber Loop Isolators

- 3 Pretensioned screen pannels

- Deck Angle -2 to +6 degrees variable.
- Dimensions: cm 310 x 200 x 150h - Weight: 2480 Kg.








Desander - Desilter

Hydrocyclones Desander

The hydrocyclone desander is designed to remove sand(40-50 microns) from drilling mud.

desander DNS-1000-2
(2 Hydrocyclones)


Hydrocyclone ø10"

Mod. DNS-500-1 (1 cone)
capacity 1800 lit/min.

Mod. DNS-1000-2 (2 cones)
capacity 3500 lit/min.

Mod. DNS-1500-3 (3 cones)
capacity 5000 lit/min.

- Optimum working pressure :
2 - 2.3 BAR




The desilter is manufactured with Hydrocyclones 4" or 5" . Desilter is designed to separate solid particles even finer from the mud of Desander.

- Hydrocyclone 4" - Cut Point 10-15 micron - Capacity 190 lt/min
- Hydrocyclone 5" - Cut Point 15-25 micron - Capacity 300 lt/min

The number of Hydrocyclones (4" or 5 ") will be calculated on the basis of mud volume to be treated .The Hydrocyclones will be mounted in parallel through a designed mud manifold.
Separated sand and silt will be recovered in the sand trap below the Hydrocyclones.
-Optimum working pressure: 2.1 - 2.5 BAR


Desilter a 7 idrocicloni da 5"

Mini Desander/Desilter


The mini Desander/Desilter is a single 5" hydrocyclone designed to remove drilled solids from a low-volume drilling fluid system.This unit is ideally suited for use in water well and minerals exploration drilling.

Capacity: 80 Gal/min. (300 lt/min)


  • Hidrocyclone 5"
  • Victaulic Clamp 2" style 78
  • Elbow 2"
  • Gauge, 100 psi, Ø 4" , connection 1/2" bottom mount s.s.
  • Snubber, 1/2"


Mud Hopper - Mud Mixer

mud hopper MUD HOPPER

A complete assembly, easy and efficient, that allows a perfect preparation of drilling mud with polymers or bentonite. The products to mix are intaken, into the hopper, by the vacuum effect created by a Venturi element in the downstream line. Turbolence provides a rapid and uniform dispersion.
It is advisable to circulate with pump for a few minutes in order to stabilize drilling mud concentration.
The mud hopper is mounted on a sturdy skid to allow for easy transportation and rig installation

SIZES: 1150 X 450 X 870 H (mm.)

Mud Hopper Model 3" 4" 6"
Pressure 2-3,5 BAR 2-3,5 BAR 2-3,5 BAR
Mud Volume 200-300 lit/min 400-520 lit/min 4000-5300 lit/min
Solids 15-20 Kg/min 45 Kg/min 270 Kg/min
Choke Nipple Hole 1/2" 3/4" 2"

Centrifugal Mud Mixer


Tank capacity

m3 1,2

Production / Hour

m3 12

Mixing Time

min. 5

Pump delivery

L/min. 2500


Electic Motor

HP 15 - 220/380 V - 50 Hz

Diesel Engine

HP 20 - 2000 RPM



1900 mm.


1800 mm.


1400 mm.


800 Kg. (1100 Kg. diesel)

Mud mixers of different capacities and sizes may be custom - manufactured upon specific request.



Mud Agitators



-Mud agitators are designed to increase performance of solids removal equipment , maintain uniform drilling mud density , to prevent solids setting. Each assembly is compact , and is powered by explosion-proof electrical motor.


Mud Guns

Mud guns are mounted inside the tank for perfect mixing and suspension of solids.
-Powered with centrifugal pump.


For more information on these drilling mud control systems and others available such as mud cleaners - mud agitators - centrifugal pumps - dual screen shakers - etc., please feel free to contact our customers service.
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