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Drilling tools

Tricones Rock bits
PDC bits
Drag bits
Ad claw bits
Dth hammers
Dht bits for DTH hammers
Atlas Copco Hammers
Drive Plates Bits
Eccentric system
Grinders and accessories for button bit regrinding
Line lubricator for DTH hammers
Drilling specialties
Tool joint grease compounds
Geological tools and instruments
Polymers and special products for drilling activities
Mud pumps new & refurbished
Handling tools
Blow out preventors and Diverters
Inflatable packers
Continuous slot wedge-wire screens for water wells
PVC Pipes and Filters
Drifting, Tunneling and Mining Equipment

Custom built

Supply company

Environment division

Drilling tools


Geological tools and instruments - Testing Equipment

Water level indicators BFK
DEPTH BAILERS - Double Valve
Drilling fluid testing equipment
Downhole camera - TV well inspection
Altitude meter
Geologist compass
GPS System
Geologist hammers
Shear strength testers
Crack activity meter & control systems - Deflectometer
Water analysis instruments
Water monitoring instruments

Technical sheets available on request.

Water level indicators

BFK water level indicators are used to monitor water levels in standpipes and wells.
The indicator consists of a sturdy cable reel, a core 4.7mm diameter cable with 4 conductors,in KEVLAR, polyureth jacket. The cable is metric-unit graduated with centimeter marking. Small probe 10mm diameter fits into most standpipes and wells.
Available in cable lengths from 30mt to 500mt










BFK - 30
BFK - 100
BFK - 150
BFK - 200
BFK - 250
BFK - 300
BFK - 400
BFK - 500


BAILER - Water Samplers

Bailers for fast water sampling , made in ployethylene with a ring for connection to water level indicators or for suspension cord use; a simple ball valve closes the bottom of the bailer accurately when water is intaken.
Models avaible:
bailer -Diam 1 1/2" (40mm) lenght 950mm
-Diam.3/4"(20mm) lenght 950mm


Accessories avaible:
-nylon suspension cord -100 mt - on reel
-centimetered metric tape of 50 or 100mt complete with, a spring catch
-stainless steel adapter ring for connection to BFK Water Level indicator


DEPTH BAILERS - Double Valve

Easy and effective instrument for water sampling in wells and standpipes at determined depths, in stainless steel with a manually remote-controlled hydrostatic valve for water intaking.


Drilling fluid testing equipment

A complete range of products:

  • Mud balances
  • Marsh funnels
  • Viscometers
  • Filter presses
  • Roller ovens
  • High speed mixers
  • Rheometers
  • Sand content kits
  • PH - meters
  • Complete analysis kits
  • Reagents
  • and more products: OFI Testing Equipment, Inc.

  • Filter press, bench mount with CO2 pressuring assembly

    Model 800 viscometer, 8 speed

    Meteor kit

    For more information please ask for product sheets


    Downhole camera - TV well inspection

    The down hole camera system allows TV inspections useful for problems encountered in well drilling and production.

    System components:
    - Heavy Duty Camera (diameter 60mm) Oceanographic Type (high pressure employment), Camera Head with 18 white LED lights (1 Lux capacity)
    - Centimetric cable wire (4.7mm) in different lengths
    - Alluminum heavy duty cable reel
    - 6.8" (173mm) Monitor with portable case and all connecting cables
    - Battery (input power 12 Volts) and battery charger
    - USB2 Acquisition data card

    The system can be connected with any type of customer VideoRecorder (VCR)

    Cable length availability: 100 meters - 200 meters - 300 meters

    Technical specifications available on request



    The Penetrometers are tools for obtain resistance and compression. There are available many type of penetrometers with various features.





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