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PDC bits

PDC bits (Polycrystalline Diamond Bits) represent an innovative technology for drilling in oil field, water and mining activities .


The PDC bits are manufactured with a steel or sintered matrix body equipped with diamond polycrystalline cutters, strategically positioned.


The cutters numbers depend on blades number and bit diameter. These bits are strongly wear-resistant and allow great penetration rates and speed (2-3 times more than traditional tricone rock bits) and longer runs (until 10-20 times) due to the fact that they have no moving parts that may be majorly exposed to damage or failure.

 "PDC" Blade Bit

bit reinforced with circular plates of synthetic polycrystalline diamond for soft/medium drilling formation, greater cut resistance, increased durability.






- We can also supply used but refurbished PDC bits with residual efficiency of 80/90%.

- We can provide to refurbish Your used PDC bits , with new diamond inserts and matrix body repair at very competitive costs



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