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Inflatable packers

inflatable packersThe "Bimbar" inflatable packers are supplied in range of 9 different diameters from Ø28mm to Ø170mm.
All packers inflatable elements are reinforced with two layers of steel cables embedded in natural rubber.
The packers are inflated with neutral gas (air, N2) or liquid (water) injected through an inflation line.
The packers could be single or double.

Some typical applications are:

  • "tube à manchettes" grouting,
  • rock grouting,
  • permeability testing,
  • bore-hole fluid sampling,
  • hydraulic fracture testing,
  • industrial piping hydro-testing,
  • water wells repair,
  • aquifers monitoring.



Main specifications and dimensions of single and double packers

Nominal diam. (mm)

Connection upper "TC"

Central tube "CP" Inner diameter (mm)

Expansion max Diameter (mm)

Bore-hole max diameter (mm)

Inflation inlet(s)


3/8" BSP *




1X 1/8" BSP


3/8" BSP




1X 1/8" BSP


1/2" BSP




2X 1/8" BSP


3/4" BSP




2X 1/8" BSP


1" 1/4 BSP




2X 1/8" BSP


1" 1/4 BSP




2X 1/8" BSP


2" BSP




2X 1/8" BSP


3" BSP




2X 1/4" BSP


3" BSP




2X 1/4" BSP

inflatable packerThe basic components of the packers are:

  • The upper fixed end (FE) equipped with one or two inflation inlets with one adapter
  • The center pipe (CP), made of stainless steel
  • The dilatable element (S), mounted with steel fittings on both sides
  • The sliding end (SE), equipped, up to Ø102mm, with a scraper ring

All packers are supplied with inflation adapter IA (quick coupling type).
Cutting ring couplings are also available on request.

The length (L) of the dilatable element depends on the application requirements.
Standard lengths are:

  • L:300mm for Ø 28 and 42mm packers
  • L:500mm and 1000mm for Ø 28-42-56-72-85 and 102mm packers
  • L:1000mm for Ø 130 and 170mm packers
  • L:1500mm for special applications

Other lengths are also available on request. These single packers can be easily transformed into double packers.

inflatable packers

Each single packer from Ø 28mm to Ø 170mm can easily be transformed into a double packer assembly by adding a specific element: the central element CE. Just unscrew the sliding end from the single packer and replace it with the CE element.
Complete the installation by screwing a standard inflatable element S (sleeve) and a plug PL on the lower part of the packer.

The perforated CE central element from Ø 56mm to Ø 170mm consists of a compact and perforated tube, with a diameter identical to the whole packer assembly.
This design makes the double packer ZI extremely robust and the external flush O.D. is particularly well adapted to micropiles grouting and water pressure tests.

With Ø 28,30 and 42mm packers, the narrow space between the two packer elements does not allow to use the same tubular design.

Here, the CE element consists of 4 pipes, two of which are used for inflation of the lower packer.

As standard, the central element can be extended except the 42mm one which is on request only.

A special characteristic of these packers is that the injection zone (IZ) length remains constant after inflation.

grouting packers


Large size Inflatable Packers – Ø210 and Ø255mm

inflatable packers large size Packers with two new sizes Ø210 and Ø255mm available now.
These sizes are designed for application such as pumping testing , water testing , grouting and permeability testing in bore-holes or casing from 220 up to 500 mm.
inflatable packers 210

The 210 mm packer is equipped with a 6” trough tube and 6” BSP connection . The 255 mm packer is equipped with two tubes 8” and 4” with a 4” BSP box top connection as a standard. They can be modified upon request . Stuffing boxes on top end for pump cable sealing and pressure transducers are also available upon request

These sizes are available in single ou double packer configuration. The packers are made of natural (black color ) rubber with steel ends but they can be also made of food grade rubber ( white color ) with stainless steel ferrules upon request.

inflatable packersInflatable packers for special applications:

  • Testing system for water wells from Ø8 1/2" to Ø12 1/4"
  • Packer Ø273mm (10 3/4")
  • Inflatable packer for wireline core barrels
  • Plug Packer from Ø56 toØ170mm
  • Print Packer
  • Pumpacker for water sampling
  • Hydrofracturation packers


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