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Tool joint grease compounds

JET-LUBE® Z-50™ contain prime grade zinc and are respectively formulated with 50% metallic zinc, meeting the metallic zinc requirements described in API Bulletin 5A2.
Z-50 contain special additives to reduce the plating and buildup of metallic zinc encountered with other zinc compounds.
Z-50 are manufactured with JETLUBE’s unique grease compounded from custom refined, low sulfur oil. The grease base ensures brushability over a wide temperature range, tenacious adherence to all surfaces, resistance to water wash out, and the prevention of rust/ corrosion.
The metallic zinc particles and other additives are maintained in uniform suspension throughout the compounds, and Z-50 displace moisture and adhere well to wet tool joint surfaces.
Product safety data sheet ( file pdf / 287 Kbyte )


KOPR-KOTE drill collar and tool joint compound is a premium-quality, unleaded compound containing copper flake, graphite, and other natural extreme pressure and antiwear additives.
KOPR-KOTE’s solids package is formulated to prevent excessive circumferential makeup by increasing the coefficient of friction under compressive forces. As stress levels rise above 50% of yield, the friction factor increases, limiting downhole makeup.
Full hydraulic joint efficiency is maintained allowing joint shoulder faces to mate completely without standoff or deformation. For invert or high-pH muds, use Jet-Lube EXTREME™.

Product safety data sheet ( file pdf / 285 Kbyte)


API-MODIFIED is a high-pressure thread compound that conforms to or exceeds the requirements of API RP 5A3 and former API BUL 5A2.
It also contains rust and oxidation inhibitors blended in JETLUBE'S unique grease compounded from custom-refined, low-sulfur oil to ensure brushability over a wide temperature range, tenacious adherence to all surfaces, resistance to water washout, and prevention of rust/corrosion.
API-MODIFIED will seal and withstand pressures to 10,000 psi and will not harden or dry.
The lubricating characteristics of API-MODIFIED reduces friction in the makeup of casing and tubing, preventing galling and wear. Maximum thread engagement is ensured, providing optimum leak resistance.
Inhibitors in API-MODIFIED provide maximum protection against rust and corrosion of threaded surfaces. Its conduc- tivity reduces the possibility of electrolytic corrosion by preventing the formation of galvanic cells in the presence of salt water and other corrosive fluids.
Not recommended for rotary shouldered connections.

Product safety data sheet ( file pdf / 124 Kbyte)


BULLSEYE TM is a high-purity thread compound designed for sensitive water well and other environmental drilling applications requiring the use of a petroleum hydrocarbon-free product.
BULLSEYE TM is formulated from a synergistic blend of vegetable oil and nonmetallic, inorganic, EP, and anti-wear additives.
BULLSEYE provides maximum protection against galling, seizing, and damage to threads while maintaining water well integrity.
BULLSEYE s an all-weather product and is completely brushable from 20°F (-7°C) to 400°F (204°C) while retaining its buttery texture at temperatures exceeding 400°F(204°C).

Product safety data sheet ( file pdf / 299 Kbyte)


JET LUBE 21 ®, an environmentally-friendly, double-duty drill collar and tool joint compound, has been formulated to provide a superior level of performance for the increasing demands of today’s oilfield market.
The lead-free formulation contains copper flake as the only metallic component and is fortified by a unique blend of natural, inorganic, extreme-pressure, and anti-wear additives. For invert or high-pH muds, a special base grease is available.
• Not classified as a marine pollutant - DOT Approval CA2006100003
Product safety data sheet ( file pdf / 288 Kbyte)





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