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General Catalog 2016 ADRIATECH

Catalogo Custom Built Tools
Fishing Tools Broshure 


Drilling tools

Tricones Rock bits
PDC bits
Drag bits
Ad claw bits
DTH hammers
Button bits for DTH hammers
Atlas Copco hammers
Drive Plates Bits
Eccentric system
Grinders and accessories for button bit regrinding
Line lubricator for DTH hammers
Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing
Drilling specialties
Tool joint grease compounds
Geological tools and instruments - Testing Equipment
Polymers and special products for drilling activities
Mud pumps new & refurbished
Handling tools
Lifting Equipment
Blow out preventers and Diverters
Inflatable packers
Continuous slot wedge-wire screens for water wells
PVC pipes and filters
Drifting, Tunneling and Mining Equipment

Custom built

Premium drill pipes
Drill collars
Hole openers
Hole stabilizers
Reverse circulation drilling equipment
Horizontal directional drilling hole openers
Underreamer "ADT" model
Flight augers and accessories
Rotary subs
Hoisting plug
Float valves
Fishing tools and Remedial Tools
"Premium" casing tubes
Coring tools
Plastic core boxes
Drilling mud control system
Demountable storage tanks
Foam pump
Piling equipment
Measuring and control tools
Water well Development Tools

Supply company

Blowout preventers and spares (RAM and ANULAR type, new and refurbished stack units)

Mud pump and spares

Handling tools (Tongs, elevators, slips, ecc.)

High pressure equipment (Valves, Chicksan, swivel joints, wing unions, chokes, mainfolds, ecc.)

Fishing and remedial tools

Wireline equipment

Drilling tools (Rock bits, hole openers, underreamers, stabilizers)

Production equipment (Packers, valves, tubing, ecc.)

Environment division

Sorbent fibers for oil and chemical pollutant
Oil skimmers
Containment booms
Oil dispersant
Oil pollution spill kits
Pipe repairing systems


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